Is Aluminum bad for us?

Most of us have a daily routine of applying an underarm deodorant or antiperspirant. After-all we don’t want sweaty or smelly armpits. But do we fully understand what’s in the products we use?

Aluminum has received a lot of bad publicity recently and probably for good reason. Aluminum-based salts (e.g. aluminum hydrochloride, aluminum zirconium and aluminum chlorohydrate) are a very common component in antiperspirants because their active ingredients block sweat glands and prevent sweating. But as you know the skin is an amazing organ and can absorb these tiny compounds. And our armpits are very sensitive and close to some important body parts!

The research on these aluminum-based salts remains inconclusive. However, Alzheimer’s patients generally have elevated deposits of aluminum in their brains. It’s also been shown that breast cancer patients who are high users of aluminum-based antiperspirants are diagnosed at an earlier age.

Aluminum-based salts have also been linked to a series of less serious issues:

  • Irritation of the underarm skin causing a rash or hives
  • Allergic reactions and tingling in the underarms
  • Clothes staining – those yellow stains on your shirt are the result of aluminum-based salts

So, you be the judge. There is a safe and effective alternative that avoids the risk associated with traditional antiperspirants and deodorants. Tip2ToeTM natural deodorants are safe and do not contain aluminum hydrochloride, aluminum zirconium or aluminum chlorohydrate.